Nutcracker Costume Information

Role Leotards Shoes Tights Lipstick Blush Eyeshadow Eyelashes Face Make-Up Hair
Mice Wear under pantsPink ballet slippersNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneVery flat bun
Angels Pink or beigePink ballet slippersLight pink* Light pink or light roseLight pinkLight blueNoneNone§ High bun, slicked back hair, no braids, bangs, glitter or earrings
Rats NoneGray (supplied)PinkNoneNoneNoneNoneNone2 braids flat against head
Soldiers † Beige strapPink ballet slippersPink* True redRed circles (supplied)None* Drawn onNone§ Flat, high bun
Pages † Beige strapPink ballet slippersPinkLight pinkPinkLight blueMascaraNone§ High bun
Puppets † Beige strapPink ballet slippersPinkVaries *True RedProvidedProvidedVariesVaries. See photosVaries. See photos
Friends † Beige strapPink ballet slippersPinkLight pinkPinkLight blue or brownMascaraNoneRinglets
M’dm Gngr † Beige strapPink ballet slippersPinkLight pinkPinkLight blue or brownMascaraNoneFlat bun
German Doll † Beige strapPointe shoes† Pink professional* True RedRed circles (supplies)Blue* Drawn onNoneTwo braids wrapped up along back of head
Chinese Umbr. Girls † Beige strapProvidedPink convertible* Warm, off-redPinkLight blueTape (provided)NoneOne high bun or two high side buns
Arabian Hand Maids † Beige strapPink ballet slippersPinkPinkPinkLight blueMascaraNone§ High bun
Ladies in Waiting † Beige strapPink ballet slippersPink* Off-red, warm toneWarm red or pinkBrownsFake eyelashesNone§ High bun
Maids † Beige strap† Black character shoesBlack (provided)* Off-red, warm toneWarm red or pinkBrownsMascaraNone§ High bun
Reed Flutes † Beige strapPointe shoes† Pink professional* Off-red, warm toneWarm red or pinkBrownsMascaraNone§ High bun


* Makeup Recommendations:

Angels Lipstick: Wet & Wild brand #502A
Soldiers/Puppets/German Doll Lipstick: True Red—Maybelline Royal Red; NYC #308; Rimmel Diva Red; Revlon Certainly Red or Love that Red. Eyelashes: Black eyeliner pencil or liquid. Any brand. (pencil works best)
Others: Warm red lipstick—Wet & Wild brand #515C or #551C

Pan Face Make-up: Get shade slightly darker than skin tone. Use Max Factor or Sally Beauty Supply store brand.

§ Hair: Hair net needed for bun—thin, fish-net type that matches hair color. Bobby pins or hair pins ONLY! NO bun formers, hair clips or barrettes. Use gel to slick back Angel hair.

† Purchase through CBA—Order forms in hallway or at front desk.

Beige Leotards: All students Level 3 and up required to have one as an undergarment worn backstage. Pink Professional Tights: As indicated
Character Shoes: Maids

Questions? Please ask! We are happy to help you out. Each character has a particular look and time and effort has gone into creating that look. Please follow directions carefully for your child’s character. More information will be given as we draw closer to the performance. We hope to make this as easy as possible on both parents and dancers. Your careful and thoughtful adherence to these instructions will help us do so.

Ballet Minnesota provides the costumes. All other items are your responsibility

Nutcracker Hair and Makeup

Angels (Level 1)