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NUTCRACKER.  The Nutcracker takes place during the Winter Session. Therefore, any CBA student wanting to perform in the Nutcracker must be a registered student at CBA for the Fall and Winter sessions.

NEW STUDENTS, WINTER SESSIONS: Winter session for new students begins the week of January 8 due to performances of the Nutcracker. Three weeks tuition will be pro-rated from the posted tuition amount. Thank you

2023 -2024 School Year

Fall Session: Sept 11 – Nov 26, 2023

Winter Sess: Nov 27 – March 3, 2024

Spring Sess: March 4 – May 18, 2024

Summer Sess: June 4 – Aug 16, 2024

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CBA / BMN Calendar of Events
2023-24 Performance, Holidays, sessions

Why Classical Ballet Academy
About Classical Ballet Academy

A Few Testamonials
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( Ages 4-6 )

Class Schedule /Tuition
Pre-Ballet Class

St Paul
Age 4-5 ………………..  Sat       9:00 – 10:00
Age 5-6 A …………..  Sat       8:30 –  9:30
Age 5-6 B …………..  Sat.       9:30 – 10:30



Tuition & Fees

Register Online
Download Registration Form

Tuition ……………….  $ 185.00 / session
*  11 weeks / Session

One-time Annual Fees
Registration Fee  ………….   $75.00 / yr
Organizational Fee  …..   $95.00 / yr
*  Due at Registration

Family Discounts 
4% Discount  ……………….  2 children
6% Discount  ……………….  3 children

Please Note:
–  Tuition due first day of each
–  If a parent volunteers 4+ hours
$25.00 is credited back to

Pre-Ballet as Mice in the Nutcracker

December 15-17, 2023

Spring.   To Be Announced

Event, Performance Calendar

A few notes.
     –  All CBA students perform.
     –  Students must be Registered
            at time of performance
            in order to perform.

CBA Advanced Level 8
About Pre-Ballet
Pre-Ballet Classs

Pre-ballet introduces children 4-6 to the
joy and wonder of movement. Basic
elements that are common throughout the
world are introduced: chasse (to chase),
temps levé (jump on one foot), grand jeté
(leap), assemble (to jump from one foot
and land on two feet), and character steps
such as polka, pas de basque, and gallop.
The children perform twice a year: once in
Ballet Minnesota’s Classic Nutcracker in
December, and also in a story ballet as
part of the Minnesota Dance Festival in
the Spring.

Ballet Minnesota Nutcracker

Questions? Text Andrew Rist, co-director, at 651-210-0864, anytime.

Clothing, Holidays, Questions

Elfkin Elves

GIRLS: Tights, leotard and pink ballet
slippers. Any 
color combination is
permitted for leotards and 
Ruffled skirts are also allowed in

BOYS: White t-shirt, grey shorts, white
socks and 
white ballet slippers.

CBA Beginning Level 3

–  Any child, level 2 and up, must
       AUDITION for placement. 

–  Please inform CBA and the child’s 
      teacher of any MEDICAL concern  
      that could affect the child during

      student with CBA at the time of
      the production in order to perform.

–  PROGRESS into the next level is at 
      the determination of the school  
      director upon the completion of 
      each level.

–  If a student is LATE FOR CLASS,
      teacher permission is required
      to enter.

–  MISSED CLASSES can be made
      up at any CBA location.

–  If a child takes one class during
      a session, the ENTIRE TUITION
      IS DUE even if the child stops

–  Parents may leave during class
      time, but PLEASE BE ON TIME
      to pick up your child after class.


Holidays / Breaks
Sorcerer’s Apprentice

   Halloween  …..  Tues, Oct 31   
           ( There will be regular classes ) 

   Thanksgiving Break:  Nov 23 – 26
           ( There will be rehearsals )

   Winter Break  …..  Dec 18 – Jan 7

   Martin Luther King Day  …..  Jan 15

   President’s Day  …..  Mon, Feb 19

   Spring Break  …..  March 25-31  

   Summer  …..   June 4

CBA Intermediate Level 5-6

Parent / Student Resources

Payment Options
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Download Registration Form

     Or, Download and Mail in Registration

Online payment: registered students

     For Students Already Registered for one Session



Rehearsal Schedule

     Check for Weekly Updates

Calendar of Events

     2023-24 Performance, Holidays, sessions

CBA Testimonials

     Students who have gone on to dance professionally

Hair & Makeup Tutorial

Official School of  B A L L E T  M I N N E S O T A

Classic ‘La Bayadere’ restaged by Cheryl Rist
‘Rite Of Spring’ choreographed by Andrew Rist


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